Student Bus Pass Online Application Registration

Student Bus Pass Online Application Registration

Student Bus Pass Online Application is available for APS RTC bus pass. APS RTC launched website in which Student can register/ online apply for student Bus pass which includes fresh registration. The Student Bus pass online application for upto SSC and above SSC can apply from this web site. The details of student Bus Pass online application and registration procedure are mentioned below:

Student Bus Pass Online Application

Student Bus Pass Online Application

APS RTC is committed to provide consistently high quality of services and to continuously improve the services through a process of teamwork for the utmost satisfaction of the passengers and to attain a position of pre-eminence in the Bus Transport sector. Now it introduced Online registration process for student bus passes. Student Bus Pass Online Application upto SSc students and above SSC students available at website which can also download from below here.

Special Instructions:  

Students studying above SSC and up to SSC may apply Student bus pass online application. Students in case of Boys up to 7th class, below 12 years and in case of Girls below 18 years, up to 10th class eligible for free passes. The free bus passes will be issued only up to september 30th. Concessional bus passes for the students will be allowed up to the age of 35yrs. Evening College Students has to enclose Unemployment Certificate issued by concerned Head of the Institution.

Procedure Submit Student Bus Pass Online Application:

Detail procedure to submit Student bus pass online application mentioned below here:

  • Visit APS RTC Pass website
  • click on upto SSC or above SSC Link.
  • Fill all data with Student details, School details, Residential address, Bus route details
  • Submit valid Email ID,  Mobile number
  •  Upload Pass port photo consisting of the photo along with the signature in JPG format
  • Select bus route and type of Bus pass
  • Submit application.

Download Student Bus Pass Online Application

For more updated details visit APS RTC pass  website mentioned below here and also can download APS RTC Bus Pass Online Applications from here.