TS Journalists Health Cards Online Apply Registration

TS Journalists Health Cards Online Apply

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TS Journalists Health Cards Online Apply is available at Telangana Journalists Health scheme website www.jhs.telangana.gov.in. The website was inaugurated on 08.01.2016 which is intended to benefit Serving working and retired Journalists of the State. The TS Journalists Health Cards application and procedure are mentioned as follows:

TS Journalists Health Cards Scheme

TS Journalists Health Scheme applicable to Working and retired journalists. This TS Journalists Health  scheme is formulated to provide cashless treatment to the enrolled / eligible journalists of the Telangana state and their dependent family members. The eligible beneficiaries will be provided with health cards.

TS Journalists Health Cards Online ApplyTelangana Journalists Health scheme 2016 provides inpatient treatment for the listed therapies for identified diseases under all specialties in the empanelled hospitals, Free OP evaluation of patients for listed therapies and Follow-up Services provided for a period of one year

TS Journalists Health Cards Application Procedure

Follow the below mentioned steps to Login register and download Telangana Journalists Health card:

TS Journalists Health Cards DPRO Login:

  • Visit official website
  • Click on Journalists Log In button
  • Login as DPRO with username (dpro_krm) and password. DPRO should have a provision to add journalist into the scheme.
  • Click on Registration → Adding Journalist to Scheme (incase the journalist is not yet enrolled into Journalist Health Scheme)
  • enter first name,last name and mobile number along with which the user has to select the department, designation and district and submit
  • a message ‘Journalist Code: KRM00010 Created Successfully’ will pop up displayed.

TS Journalists Health Cards Login:

  • Visit official website
  • Click on Journalists Log In button
  • Login as journalist with created username (KRM00010) and password
  • Click on Registration and fill all details including family dependent details
  • Verify the details and click save
  • Save the details and click submit application
  • . On submitting the application, a message ‘ application for health card has been submitted and it is pending with DPRO for approval

For more details About Telangana Journalists Health scheme 2016 and TS Journalists Health Cards Online Apply visit official website and below mentioned URLS.