Telangana Inter Exams 2016 Timetable schedule

Telangana Inter Exams 2016 Timetable

Telangana Inter Exams 2016 TimetableTelangana Inter Exams 2016 Timetable schedule was released. TS Inter Exams 2016 will be conducted from 02.03.2016.  TS Inter 1st Year Exams Time Table 2016 and TS Inter 2nd Year Exams Time Table 2016 will shortly be released by Official Telangana BIE website  The Board of Intermediate Education BIE – Telangana officailly announces the Telangana Inter Exams 2016 Timetable  and Conducts Inter exams. The tentative Telangana Inter Exams 2016 Timetable schedule is as follows:

Telangana Inter 1st year exams time table: (Tentative / officially schedule yet to release)

Date Telangana First year Examinations
02.03.2016 2nd Language Paper-I
04.03.2016 English Paper- I
07.03.2016 Mathematics Paper-I A
07.03.2016 Botany Paper-I
07.03.2016 Civics Paper-I
07.03.2016 Psychology Paper-I
09.03.2016 Mathematics Paper – I B
09.03.2016 Zoology Paper – I
09.03.2016 History Paper – I
11.03.2016 Physics Paper -I
11.03.2016 Economics Paper- I
11.03.2016 Classical Language Paper- I
14.03.2016 Chemistry Paper – I
14.03.2016 Commerce Paper – I
14.03.2016 Sociology Paper – I
14.03.2016 Fine Arts, Music Paper – I
17.03.2016 Geology Paper- I
17.03.2016 Home Science Paper – I
17.03.2016 Public Administration Paper-I
17.03.2016 Logic Paper- I
17.03.2016 Bridge Course Maths Paper- I (For B.P.C Students)
19.03.2016 Modern Language Paper-I
19.03.2016 Geography Paper-I

Telangana Inter 2nd year exams time table: (Tentative / officially schedule yet to release)

Date Telangana Second year Examinations
03.03.2016 2nd Language Paper-II
05.03.2016 English Paper-II
09.03.2016 Mathematics Paper-II A
09.03.2016 Botany Paper-II
09.03.2016 Civics Paper-II
09.03.2016 Psychology Paper-II
11.03.2016 Mathematics Paper-II B
11.03.2016 Zoology Paper-II
11.03.2016 History Paper-II
13.03.2016 Physics Paper-II
13.03.2016 Economics Paper-II
13.03.2016 Classical Language Paper-II
16.03.2016 Chemistry Paper-II
16.03.2016 Commerce Paper-II
16.03.2016 Sociology Paper-II
16.03.2016 Fine Arts, Music Paper-II
18.03.2016 Geology Paper-II
18.03.2016 Home Science Paper-II
18.03.2016 Public Administration Paper-II
18.03.2016 Logic Paper-II
18.03.2016 Bridge Course Maths Paper-II (For B.P.C Students)
20.03.2016 Modern Language Paper-II
20.03.2016 Geography Paper-II

For full / updated information of  Telangana Inter Exams 2016 Timetable and details visit official web site

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