Telangana E Vahan Bima Electronic Vehicle Insurance policy

Telangana E Vahan Bima

Telangana E Vahan Bima, EVahan Bima, EVahana Bima, E insurance policy, Electronic Motor Insurance policy, Electronic Vehicle Insurance policy 2016 launched on 02.01.2016 in Telangana. By this E Vahan Bima, Telangana state became the first State in the country where electronic motor insurance policies were legally accepted by police and transport departments.

The details about Telangana E Vahan Bima Electronic Vehicle Insurance policy mentioned as below:

TS E Vahan Bima Details:

Telangana E Vahan BimaE Vahan Bima / E insurance policy is a digitally signed insurance contract issued in an electronic form by an Insurer either directly to the policyholder or through the platform of registered Insurance repository. This E Vahan Bima was implemented with effective from 2 nd January, 2016 in the State of Telangana.

Benefits of E Vahan Bima:

  • To avoid problems with existing physical copy of the motor insurance policy to the citizen and the enforcement agencies this E Vahan Bima / E insurance policy inplemented.
  • The e-Vahan Bima policy issued in digital form with Quick Response code to scan for verification of policy details. An SMS based verification was also installed.
  • Electronic motor insurance policies help in issuance of insurance policies at the door steps of the vehicle owners thereby promoting compliance levels.
  • These policies can be issued on-line across the country, thus, paving way for a host of benefits like faster issuance, reduction in fraud, higher customer satisfaction, elimination of revenue leakages, analytics and so on.
  • It can be stored and accessed on smart phones to make the process of verification easier for commuters as well as police.
  • Police/Transport personnel can seek the vehicle details from the Insurers’ database or a central database maintained by Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) to check whether the vehicles plying on the roads are having insurance or not.
  • There is no extra cost involved for electronic motor insurance policy.

For more details click here to Download  E Vahan Bima Manual