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Visakha Ustav 2016 Schedule Dates Events

Visakha Ustav 2016

Visakha Ustav 2016 Visakha Usthav 2015 2016 schedule dates events announced. Visakha Ustav  2016 will be conducted in visakhapatnam city during Jan 2016 from 01.01.2016 to 03.01.2016. Visakha Ustav 2016 official web site launched during announcement of the Visakha Ustav 2016 dates and all information is available here for read and download.

Visakha Ustav History:

Visakhapatnam, which is popularly known as Vizag, is named after God Vaishaka which is now become center for business. Visakha city is a one of the port city, located along the shores of Bay of Bengal. Although considered to be an industrial city, Vizag has a rich and vibrant culture and heritage. Visakhapatnam is the best tourism destination in Andhra Pradesh state. From Lakes to cool Beaches, from beautiful Hill Ranges to Caves and Valleys, Visakhapatnam has them all.

Visakha Utsav 2016The district has many tourism spots that represent the Culture and Heritage of the true India. The Araku Valley is a must visit for any one visiting Andhra Pradesh. Beauty is packed at the Kailasagiri where one can find green meadows, beautiful and well-spread parks to fill your mind with peace. Visakhapatnam is now turning into a ‘smart city’.

Visakha Ustav 2016 Schedule:

Visakha Ustav will be held in three days every year. It is a Three day long festival held annually over visakhapatnam from the Friday to Sunday of January. This year Visakha Ustav 2016 will be conducted on first week of Jan 2016 from 01.01.2016 to 03.01.2016. waiting for official announcement from authorities. More number of Visakha Ustav 2016 Events were planned by the authorities and will be announced soon.

  • Visakha Ustav 2016 starting on : 01.01.2016
  • Visakha Ustav 2016 Ending on : 03.01.2016

Visakha Ustav 2016 website:

As a part of involving all sections of people in the Visakha Utsav, arrangements are being mad.  The main objective of visakha ustav is to promote the brand image of Visakhapatnam, efforts are being made to provide access to public both in the city and outside of it through information technology.

An exclusive website www.visakhaustav2016.net will be launched to place and disseminate all information and activities related to Visakha Utsav 2016 to be celebrated from January 2016. All information on the Visakha utsav, including day-to-day events, will be uploaded on the website. Visit official web site for more details.

Click on Visakha Ustav 2016 Website for more information