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Telangana Rajiv Swagruha Prices Allotment Application

Telangana Rajiv Swagruha Prices Allotment Application Details

Telangana rajiv swagruha  prices / Telangana rajiv gruhakalpa project prices / Telangana rajiv swagruha bandlaguda price,  Telangana rajiv swagruha Pocharam price for Allotment of finished & semi-finished flats in Bandlaguda and Pocharam projects constructed by TRSCL to the Government employees Orders GO RT No 201 issued on 21.12.2016. Details are as follows;

Telangana Rajiv Swagruha gruhakalpa Flats

Telangana rajiv swagruha pricesIn Hyderabad, Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Limited had taken up prestigious projects at Bandlaguda and Pocharam. The Bandlaguda Project is located just 2kms from Nagole X roads, 0.5 kms from Bandlaguda Bus Depot and 3 kms from Metro Railway station.

In Bandlaguda Project, 316 finished and 1929 semi-finished flats available with all infrastructure facilities for sale.

In Pocharam Project, 969 finished and 505 semi-finished flats available with all infrastructure facilities for sale. The MD., TRSCL has finalized the average sq.ft, rate Rs.2500/- for Bandlaguda Project and Rs.1909/- for Pocharam Projects.

Telangana Rajiv Swagruha prices GO RT 201 dated 21.12.2016

Telangana rajiv swagruha prices GO rt issued and some of the details are :

The State Govt. Employees should be given first preference to
purchase the flats on First come First Served basis, block wise,
with in 2 months’ time frame.

The offer price for finished flats shall be Rs.1900/- per Sft at Bandlaguda and Rs.1700/- per Sft at Pocharam. For semi – finished flats, the offer price shall be Rs.1700/- per Sft at Bandlaguda and Rs.1500/- per Sft at Pocharam.

The second preference shall be given to the employees of state/ Central PSUs/Boards/Universities/Societies at the same rates.

Managing Director, TRSCL to discuss with the bankers to provide financial assistance/ housing loans to the employees for purchase of
flats. The cost of flats will be paid to TRSCL from the loan provided by the bank to the employees which would be recovered as monthly
installments from their salaries. Amount collected from sale of flats shall be used to clear the liabilities of the Corporation.

After the above options are exhausted, the committee wanted to explore the possibility of auctioning the leftover land, where semi-finished / unoccupied flats exist.

Telangana Rajiv Swagruha gruhakalpa Details

For more details about Telangana Rajiv Swagruha prices, gruhakalpa plats at Bandlaguda and Pocharam  projects visit official website rajivswagruhaap.gov.in.  One can download Rajiv Swagruha prices GO RT 201 from goir.telangana.gov.in by seelcting date 21.12.2016 and Go no 201.