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APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application apsrtcpass.in

APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application

APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application available at APSRTCPASS.in website. Student Bus pass online apply can be done for student fresh registration and also for existing pass renewals. Student Bus pass online application available in two types. One is student bus pass application upto SSC and  student bus pass application above SSC. The details of APS RTC Bus Pass registration and application and procedure to apply online are given below:

APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application Registration

APS RTC Bus Pass Online ApplicationAPS RTC Bus Pass Online Application upto SSc students and above SSC students available at APSRTCPASS.in website and download application provided below here. Students studying upto SSC and above SSC can apply this online application. Evening College Students shall enclose Unemployment Certificate issued by concerned Head of the Institution.

Below 12 years boys up to 7th class and girls below 18 years up to 10th class students eligible for free passes and these free bus passes will be issued only up to 30th September . Concessional bus passes for the students will be allowed up to the age of 35yrs .

How to Submit APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application:

Here the procedure to submit online application mentioned in detail:

  • Students have to visit the APS RTC Online Pass website
  • click on suitable link as per upto SSC or above SSC section.
  • Fill the application with Student details, Residential address, Bus route details
  • Mention valid Mobile number, valid Email id with school details
  • Upload Pass port photo
  • and select bus route and type of pass
  • Submit application.

Download APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application

One can download APS RTC Bus Pass Online Application from here. For more updated details visit official website APS RTC Online pass  website mentioned below here and upload your details.