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Bastar Dussehra Festival 2016

Bastar Dussehra Festival 2016

Bastar Dussehra Festival 2016 is a very famous festival celebrated in Bastar. Bastar Dussehra Festival 2016 will be held from 3rd Oct 2016 to 15 th Oct 2016 at Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. It is a 75 days festival, has been started by the Royal families of Bastar and is now became tradition of tribal life of Bastar.

Bastar Festival Danteshwari Temple

Bastar Dussehra Festival 2016Bastar Dussehra festival is very famous festival celebrated in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh. Bastar Dussehra celebrate the divine bliss of Goddess Danteswari who is the revered deity of all the existing tribes of Chhattisgarh. All major tribes of Bastar participate in the festival. Deities from all nearby villages are gather at danteshwari temple in Jagdalpur.

This ancient danteshwari temple  is at the confluence of the Dankini and Shankini rivers, about one and a half hours from Jagdalpur. It was built by the Chalukya kings of Bastar in honor of their family Goddess, Devi Danteshwari, who is venerated by both Hindus and tribal’s in the entire Bastar region. The Danteshwari Temple really comes to life during the BastarDusshera festival season. Men have to wear a lungi to enter the temple.

Bastar Dussehra Festival 2016 Details

Bastar Dussehra festival  began on August with ‘patajatra’, which is known as worship of wood, which is a age old custom. “Paat-Jatra” ceremony with rite and rituals at Sirhasaar Square in Jagdalpur are unique to tribal Bastar region.

Bastar festival is celebrated in Dandakarnya, where Lord Rama is believed to have spent the 14 years of his exile. BastarDussehra spans over 75 days starting around August and ending at October. It is thus the longest Dussehra celebrations in the world. BastarDussehra is deeply influenced by the local myths and religious beliefs and the customs of the tribals.

‘patajatra’ is followed by ‘derigadhai’- posting of the pillars, kachangaadi- throne for goddess Kachan Devi, kalashsthapana- installation of urns, jogibithai- jogi’s penance, rathparikrama- the chariot circuit, nishajatra- the nocturnal festival, jogiuthai- raising of the jogi, maoliparghav- reception of Devi Maoli, bheetarraini- the inner circuit, baaharraini- the outer circuit, kachanjatra- thanksgiving ceremony, muria durbar- the tribal chieftains’ conference and finally on the last day, ohadi- a farewell to deities. All these rituals and festivities take place between HareliAmavasya till the 13th day of full moon of Aswin, bringing more joy in the tribal land, known for its rich culture.

For more updated details visit official websites or CG gov website, Dantewada websiete