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AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102 10 06 2016

AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102 Dated 10.06.2016

AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102 / AP Employees Transfers 2016 Go 102 is issued by AP State Govt on 10.06.2016. AP Employees Transfers relaxation is from 10th June 2016 to 20th June 2016 to ensure right placement of employees to secure optimum productivity and commitment to furtherance of Government’s development objectives. Download here AP G.O Ms.No.102 Dated 10.06.2016 for more information.

AP Online Employees Transfer System launched at http://transfers.ap.gov.inwebsite. Click here for details


AP Employees Transfers Guidelines G.O Ms.No.102

Ap Transfers and Postings of Employees Guidelines / Instructions Orders GO MS no 102 isued by  Public Services – Human Resources. Accordingly, the existing ban on transfer of employees imposed vide G.O.Ms, No. 98 Finance (HR I) Department dated 04.08.2015 and reiterated vide GO. Ms. No. 140 Finance (HR I) Department dated 16.11.2015 is hereby relaxed for the period from 10th June to 20th June 2016.

AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102 Principles for Transfers and Postings

The following principles shall be adopted while effecting transfer of employees:

AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102No employee shall be transferred before completion of three years of service in a particular duty station as on 1stJune, 2016 and no person  be retained beyond five years of service in a particular station to the extent possible. In case of ITDA areas the minimum mandatory service may be two years, other than for local cadre employees.

All employees working in the ITDA areas – with the exception of local cadre employees belonging Scheduled Tribe community – in any duty station for more than two years shall be transferred to non-ITDA areas. Service in all cadres at a station shall be counted while calculating the period of stay.Station means place (City, Town, Village) of actual working for the purpose of transfers and not office or institution. However, for State Audit department, Station means Offices within the Zone as all their offices are situated in the District Headquarters only.

Request transfers may be considered in respect of employees who have completed three years of service but less than five years at a station. However, such transfers shall be limited, based on exception and not a rule, and shall not constitute more than 5 per cent of the employees in any working cadre and subject to fulfillment of one or more of the conditions mentioned in Detail in GO 102.

For full details download the AP Employees Transfers Guidelines Go ms no 102 from below given URLS.

AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102 Procedure for Transfers

The relaxation on transfers shall be effective from 10thJune, 2016 to 20thJune, 2016.

All the transfers shall be effected by the competent authorities as per the existing orders of delegation subject to the existing Government Orders and conditions prescribed. All transfers shall be done on the basis of performance based counselling in a transparent manner. Performance Criteria for various categories of employees shall be evolved by the competent authorities. Wherever required self  appraisal may be obtained quickly from the employees.

AP Employees Transfers Guidelines Gomsno 102 Exceptions

The employees who are retiring on or before 30th June, 2017shall not be transferred except in public interest. The requests of the employees having any charges / ACB / Vigilance cases pending against him / her shall not be considered for transfer. The Authority shall indicate that fact clearly against the name of that employee if there is any request for transfer.

Download AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102: 

The ban on transfers shall come into force with effect from 21stJune, 2016. The AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102 is available online at goir.ap.gov.in website.

Click here to download AP Employees Transfers Guidelines Go 102 for more details about AP Employees Transfers Gomsno 102.  AP G.O No.102 Dated 10.06.2016