Arasavalli temple Room Booking Seva Details

Arasavalli temple Room booking

Arasavalli temple popularly known as Sun temple is one of the ancient temple situated in Arasavalli Village. The Arasavalli Suryanarana swamy temple is located one Kilometer east to Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh. The Arasavalli sun temple was constructed such a way that the early morning Sunrays focus on the feet of the God Sri Suryanarayana Idol and remains for few minutes twice in the year during March and September.

Temple Darshan Timings: The temple opens at morning 5 AM  and remains upto 8 PM. The Darshan timings are as follws:

  1. Arasavalli temple Room bookingDarshanam 6.00 am to 12.30 pm
  2. Darshanam 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm
  3. Suprabhatam – 5 am
  4. Nitya Archana – 5.30 am
  5. Maha Nivedana 12.30 pm

Arasavalli temple Seva details: Various Daily, weekly sevas like Ashtottara seva, Sahasra Namarchana, Ksheeranna Bhogam, Ksheerabhisheka Seva, Tiruveedhi Seva, Kalyana Seva, Surya Namaskarms performed in the temple.

Sl No Seva Name Seva Timing
1 Surya Namaskarams Every Sunday 06.00 AM to 12.00 PM
2 Tiruveedhi Seva Every Sunday 06.00 PM
3 Ksheeranna Bhogam Every Sunday 03.00 PM

Arasavalli temple Room booking 

Arasavalli temple Room booking is a manual process based on vacancy and as on now there is no online Room booking system. There are eight Rooms available in TTD Choultry and Six Rooms constructed near  Indrapushkarini Opposite to main temple. Four guest rooms are also constructed on the upstair of the Indrapushkarini building for stay of  pilgrims. The Details os rooms and tariff is as follows:

Sl No. Building No. Of Rooms Tariff
1 Room in TTD Choultry near temple 8 100/-
2 Room at Indrapushkarini Opposite to main temple 6 150/-
3 Guest rooms at upstair of the Indrapushkarini building in 4 200/-

Number of rooms in all categories are available in and around srikakulam city. During normal days, One can reserve rooms after reaching the city also.

How to reach Temple:

Suryanarayana temple is located in srikakulam town. Visakhapatnam is the nearest airport which is 100 Km away to Srikakulam. Amudalavalasa is the nearest railway station (10 KM) to srikakulam. Number of buses are running in and around srikakulam. One can take Auto / Bus to reach temple in srikakulam.

For more details visit Temple web sites mentioned below: