AP Journalists Health Scheme Guidelines GO 4

AP Journalists Health Scheme

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AP Journalists Health scheme Go MS No 4 dated 0801.2016 was issued online. AP JHS Guidelines Go MS No 4 dated 08.01.2016 released for AP Working Journalists Health Scheme, Maintenance of corpus and reimbursement of expenditure to Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Guidelines.

AP Journalists Health Scheme Guidelines Go 4:

AP Journalists Health scheme is intended to benefit Serving working Journalists of the State.  The AP Journalists Health scheme Go 4 guidelines details are as follows:

AP Journalists Health SchemeIn G.O.Ms.No.12, Health, Medical & Family Welfare (I1) Dept., Dated 11.02.2015, orders have been issued approving the “Working Journalists Health Scheme”duly replacing the Group Medi-claim policy launched vide G.O. Ms. 203, GA (I&PR.I) Department, dated 27.07.2004.

The Working Journalists Health Scheme is applicable for the financial year 2015-16 and has come into force from 21.03.2015. It has been ordered therein that, for the period from 21.03.2015 to 31.3.2015, proportionate premium be borne by the journalists in addition to the regular premium for the financial year 2015-16. Guidelines for implementing the scheme were also laid down therein.

AP Government issued following guidelines for maintenance of corpus relating to Working Journalists Health Scheme and reimbursement of expenditure to Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva.

AP Journalists Health Scheme Contribution deposits:

The contributions from the journalists and the state matching contribution shall be deposited in the PD Account under Public Account to the following Head of Account:

  • K Deposits not bearing interest
  • Major Head 8342 – Other Deposits
  • Minor Head 120 – Misc. Deposits
  • S.H. 12 Working Journalists Health Scheme (to be opened)
  • 003 – Government Contribution
  • 004- Journalist Contribution

The journalists shall deposit their premium contribution to the Head of Account 8342- 00-120-00-12-004-000 (Journalists’ Contribution) through a treasury challan duly furnishing their name and health card details at the back of the challan.

The Commissioner (I & PR) shall calculate the matching Government Contribution part and submit a proposal to the Finance Department through GAD, along with a certified statement of account for issue of BRO for release of Government Contribution to Head of Account: 8342-00-120-00-12-003-000(Government Contribution) by debiting the Head of Account 2220-60-101-04-500/503.

This ultimately forms the corpus of the scheme. Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva shall raise the claim for reimbursement of expenditure duly following the operational guidelines of the scheme.

AP Journalists Health Scheme Guidelines Download:

For more details, visit official website and also download AP working Journalists Health Scheme GO 4 from below URLS.